President of the Kurdistan Region Congratulates the Prince of Yezidis

- 27 July 2019

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, 20 July 2019 – On his appointment as the new Prince of Yezidis, President of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani congratulated Mir Hazim Tahsen Beg.

Below is the text of the message:

On the occasion of your appointment as Mir of Yezidis, I warmly congratulate you and all Yezidis. I wish you success in your new duties and responsibilities.

You assume your duty and responsibility at a time when a large number of our Yezidi sisters and brothers are taking refuge at camps, and cannot return back to their homes. You bear a heavy responsibility, and we should cooperate with each other so that we can alleviate burdens on Yezidis.

We reassure you that we will always strive to support our Yezidi sisters and brothers. We will do our best to help free abducted ones, and we will reconstruct Yezidi areas to which they can return safely.

Once again, I reassure you, Yezidi sisters and brothers and all religious and ethnic components that the Kurdistan Region will stay the land of coexistence, diversity, peace and tolerance for all.