A statement from the meeting of Kurdistan Region’s three Presidencies and the political parties

- 8 January 2020

On Wednesday January 8, at the Kurdistan Region Presidency, President Nechirvan Barzani chaired a meeting of Kurdistan’s three Presidencies and political parties, which was attended by the Kurdistan Parliament Speaker, the KRG Prime Minister and leaders of political parties

The meeting was dedicated to discussions about Iraq and the region and assessment of the events and their impacts on the Kurdistan Region. The meeting reached the following conclusions:

1- The meeting viewed the recent events that took place in Iraq with concern, in particular the events of this morning. It reiterated the Kurdistan Region’s position that these dangerous developments are not in the interest of anyone, especially not in the interest of the Iraqi people. Therefore, we urge all sides to exercise self-restraint and ask all the Iraqi factions and parties and the Iraqi federal institutions to do their utmost to prevent Iraq from becoming a battleground to settle rivalries and ensure that the underprivileged people of Iraq would not pay the price for the escalations and that these circumstances should not be a pretext to overlook the legitimate grievances of the Iraqi people and protestors.

2- The unity of the Kurdistani factions in the Iraqi Parliament was greatly appreciated and recognized. The meeting reiterated the necessity of working together and preserving unity among Kurdistani factions in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region in a way that the interests of the people of Kurdistan are perceived as the main objective of all sides.

3- The political parties reiterated their commitment to the Kurdistan Region’s institutions and the Region’s protection and interests.

4- The meeting viewed the unilateral steps taken by the Iraqi Parliament on Sunday, January 5, with concern, and saw it as a violation of the principles of consensus and federal state and considered it a distabilizing factor to the political stability of Iraq.

5- The meeting reiterated that the future steps with the Iraqi parties will be taken in consultation with all Kurdistani factions and their participation.