A statement from Kurdistan Region’s three governing bodies

- 8 January 2020

As part of its ordinary meetings, Kurdistan Region’s three governing bodies (The Parliament, the Government, The Regional Presidency) met today, Wednesday, January 8, in Erbil.

At the meeting, the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq were discussed and thorough assessments were made regarding the events and the position of the Kurdistan Region. Thereby, all the three presidencies expressed deep concern for the escalation of the situation in the region at a time when the danger of terror is larger and genuine threats loom over Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

In regards to the recent events, and in particular this morning’s, the Kurdistan Region reiterates that military solution will in no way solves the problems. The Kurdistan Region supports deescalation of the situation and seeks dialogue and diplomatic solution to the problems. It also seeks stability and peace and urges all parties to refrain from dragging the Kurdistan Region into the rivalries.

The Kurdistan Region views the support of the International Coalition in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in confronting terror as a necessity, particularly since the terrorist groups’ movements and actions have resurged. Therefore, the Kurdistan Region urges the international community not to allow terror to revive.